How to motivate customers for writing reviews?
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How to motivate customers for writing reviews?

Needless to say, every business strives to flourish in this era of stiff competition, and hence focuses on strong advertising and marketing plan. Nevertheless, one thing that virtually drives a marketing firm to its heights is customer reviews. Apparently, a ‘Word of Mouth’ is the most powerful means of marketing as customers prefer to go through the reviews before doing online shopping. A potential buyer can relate to the reviews and based on that takes a call of action.

Therefore, reviews are one important aspect, which business owners should take seriously and must execute out-of-the-box strategies to induce customers in penning down insightful reviews on their website. Now, leaving a way for customer reviews is one thing, however, getting the customers to actually write the reviews is a completely different thing. Usually, customers visit the online store, buys a product, but don’t feel like leaving a review. So, what should be done to encourage customers for leaving reviews after they have done shopping?

Here are some of the points mentioned, which can motivate customers to leave reviews and virtually help other customers to take a call of action.

Sending Friendly Emails

Email marketing is not only about sending good mails and selling more products, it’s also for motivating and engaging people to become an active part of the community, and share the same passion. A company should learn to plan email campaigns for those set of target customers who are already using the product for a week or too. This will give them the space to learn and evaluate the product, and also experience it enough to judge the product on its merits. Now, ask the customer to write a review. The communication should be gentle and kind.

Easy Reviewing Process

One cannot compel customers to go write reviews, and customers usually don’t prefer to go through a tedious process while writing reviews. Every online business owners should make the review leaving process accessible, user-friendly and user-savvy. For example, set up discount coupon options for the next order, and surprise gifts for writing reviews. Let only registered users give the reviews as they have experienced and used the respective product. Customers feel great and a part of the community when they get reward points and discount coupons for writing reviews. Further, online contests are also a way great way of getting insightful reviews.

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